Road trip through Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a thriving state renowned for its voluminous heritage, history, and culture. It is renowned for its palaces, forts, deserts, and vibrant bazaars. In Rajasthan, taking road trips is a common way to experience the state’s diversity and beauty. The MANVAR desert camp is one such rising-in-fame road trip site. Let’s look at how visiting Rajasthan by car might get you to the MANVAR desert camp and why it makes a great vacation spot.

MANVAR Desert Camp route

Rajasthan has excellent air, train, and road connections to the country’s major cities. The finest routes to travel if you’re considering a road trip to Rajasthan are NH 48 or NH 52. These roads connect Rajasthan’s major cities and offer a wonderful opportunity to discover the state’s natural wonders and tourist attractions.

You can get to Ajmer, famous for the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, from Jaipur by taking NH 48. Take NH 62 from Ajmer to Jodhpur, commonly known as the “Sun City.” Take NH 125 from Jodhpur to the MANVAR desert camp, which is situated deep into the Thar Desert.

Things to Do in MANVAR Desert Camp

MANVAR desert camp is a special location that offers visitors a chance to enjoyably experience desert life. The camp provides a variety of activities that let visitors experience the beauty and culture of the desert.

Camel Safari: A camel safari is a must-do experience in the Thar Desert. A guided camel safari over the Thar Desert’s dunes is offered by the MANVAR desert camp. This is a wonderful chance to take in the grandeur of the desert and watch the sunset while sipping chai.

Cultural Shows – The camp also presents cultural shows each evening that highlight Rajasthan’s rich history and culture. While savouring a delectable dinner, you can take in traditional dance displays, puppet shows, and musical performances.

Jeep Safari – The camp also offers jeep safaris if you’re seeking for a more daring approach to explore the desert. This is a fantastic chance to learn more about the desert’s native animals, such as blackbucks, chinkara, and desert foxes.

Stargazing: The Thar Desert is a popular location for stargazing due to its bright night skies. An astronomer who can lead you through the constellations is available at the MANVAR desert camp, along with a telescope.

Travel Advice for Rajasthani Road Trips

Even during the busiest travel season, make your travel plans and reservations far in advance.

Especially in the desert regions, the weather can be hot and dry, so bring lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen.

When visiting religious sites, especially, show respect for the local culture by dressing appropriately.

Drive carefully because roads, especially in rural areas, can be difficult and unexpected.

Because the roads can be inaccessible and devoid of signs, bring a first aid kit, a map, and a GPS-enabled phone.

To see Rajasthan’s natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical significance, take a road trip there. And MANVAR luxury Desert Camp in Jaisalmer is a great place to go if you want a distinctive desert experience. The camp offers visitors an opportunity to comfortably explore the beauty and culture of the Thar Desert through its opulent tents, camel safaris, cultural shows, and jeep safaris. Pack your luggage, get on the road, and discover Rajasthan’s beauties.

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