Taasli Restaurant - Manvar

MANVĀR Shergarh's Culinary Oasis

Taasli Restaurant near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, is a must-visit dining destination. Nestled within Manvār Shergarh, The Desert Resort offers guests an exquisite culinary experience amidst a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty.

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Tassli Restaurant - Manvar Shergarh

A Culinary Oasis
Amidst the Desert

Taasli Restaurant at MANVĀR Shergarh, the epitome of hospitality in spirit and by name, is a must-visit dining destination nestled within Manvār Shergarh, The Desert Resort, where guests can partake in an exquisite culinary experience amidst a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. Boasting both indoor and courtyard dining options, Taasli offers guests the choice between the air-conditioned comfort of its indoor restaurant and the serene ambience of the courtyard, enveloped by the shade of magnificent old Gulmohar Trees. For those seeking an elevated dining experience, the rooftop Machan provides unparalleled views of the entire resort, offering a captivating panorama akin to an oasis in the desert.

Cuisines Offered

Taasli Restaurant specialises in offering Indian Cuisine.


At Taasli Restaurant, we invite you to indulge in a delectable array of meals, starting your day with a hearty breakfast, enjoying a midday feast with our lunch offerings, experiencing the culinary delights of our dinner service, and relaxing over a leisurely brunch. For those late-night cravings, our after-hours menu is sure to satisfy, and don't forget to complement your meal with our selection of refreshing drinks.

Taasli Restaurant - Manvar Shergarh
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Taasli Restaurant boasts a warm family-style ambience with both outdoor and indoor seating options, complemented by free WiFi and convenient, free off-street parking. For your convenience, we accept Mastercard, Visa and other credit cards. We offer attentive table service to enhance your dining experience.


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