Facade of the luxury tents at Manvar Resort and Desert Camp


An oasis of luxury tents in Rajasthan has been crafted in the vivid dunes, inspired by the indigenous Kumat trees that you see all around you, where wind and sand dance together to create fluid patterns. 100 acres of private estate, proliferated with indigenous scrub in the heart of Thar is home to MANVĀR Kumat, Khagan of Luxury Camps.

Operating Months: 1st September to 31st March

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Authentic, Rural

The 11 Luxury Tents complete with a separate dining area, offer an exclusive portal into the magic of Thar. Mirroring the vastness outside, the capacious tents are air-conditioned with large, indulgent baths.

Accoutered with two sit-outs, each tent offers a panoramic vista of the placid immensity, that is Thar.

MANVĀR is a pause

from the regular, into the rare, coquette of desert life, mapped to the last rich detail.

DSC01952 High Res
Luxury tent at the Manvar Resort and Desert Camp

Living Spaces

Luxury. Native yet Sophisticated.

Bath Spaces

Superior with views of the expansive desert.

Washroom of the luxury tents at the Manvar Resort and Desert Camp
Lounging chairs set besides a swimming pool

The Romance of an Oasis
in a sprawling desert is innate to us.

MANVĀR Kumat has fashioned this into its edifice with an infinity pool that provides much-desired entr'acte in the arid vastness. Sink into a restful state in plush loungers, with signature cocktails, as you are bedazzled by the beauty that surrounds you.


while you get a drink to unwind after you return from the
adventures of the Desert.

Outdoor dining arrangement at Manvar Resort and Desert Camp - 12
Outdoor dining area at Manvar Resort and Desert Camp


At Kumat, we fuse the rich flavours of Indian, Rajasthani and barbecue cuisines to create an unforgettable dining journey. The casual yet refined ambience sets the stage for a gastronomic adventure. Relish an extensive menu that caters to your taste buds and dine in style amidst the tranquil charm of our outdoor courtyard seating.

Dining arrangement in a banquet hall - 2

Unforgettable Desert

The banquet hall at Kumat Camp is a 1000 sq. ft. oasis of sophistication, perfect for conferences, meetings and weddings. The pillarless layout maximises space, while amenities like air-conditioning, Wi-Fi and cutting-edge audio-visual equipment ensure your event is a resounding success. Let the desert backdrop inspire creativity and collaboration.

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