The Manvar Private or Mobile Camp has its roots in the hunting trips of old when the erstwhile Thakurs and their kinsmen often went into the wild to hunt game. Sometimes, these hunting trips stretched for many days on end and so, the party always went well-equipped with tents, retainers, provisions et al. Today, while the hunting has ceased, the good old luxury caravan lives on, providing an unsurpassed experience of the desert. The Manvar Private Safari is the ideal way to travel for people who enjoy close proximity to the bush and wilderness and want to experience the desert of Rajasthan first hand while enjoying the creature comforts of a large, comfortable camp set up exclusively for them. Although this is a real bush safari we don’t skip on the amenities. The camps are designed for comfort featuring airy tents for two persons with proper cots and bedding, hot water and a ‘bathroom tent’ to boot. Gourmet meals are served around a cozy campfire against the backdrop of the sounds of the desert while the guest takes in the beautiful star studded night sky.