Luxury camps have become the hippest way of experiencing Rajasthan, beloved by celebrities, honeymooners and peace-seekers alike . Largely eco sensitive and built by local workers using local materials, the camps are a relatively guilt-free way to enjoy the tranquility and wildlife of the desert.
But their unique appeal undoubtedly lies in their sense of nostalgia. The concept of Manvar Desert Camp seems to trace its birth to the 17th century when, while on his way to the battlefields, Mughal Emperor Jehangir, known for his luxurious lifestyle, used to set up royal-style camps. These camps were equipped with all the amenities fit for royalty. This tradition was followed by later rulers as well as those of Rajasthan for their hunting trips, royal gatherings and recreational pursuits.
Located 6 kms from the resort in the midst of the wilderness surrounded by the sand dunes is the isolated splendor of the Manvar Tented Desert Camp. The beauty is breathtaking and the feeling of viewing a sunset in the midst of the sand dunes is hard to describe.
An oasis of rare exclusivity, The Manvar Desert Camp consists of 30 colourfully decorated, safari-style tents arranged in a semi-circle around a central ‘Durbar Hall’ (Courtiers' Hall).
For those who seek a tad more privacy and the luxury of absolute solitude, there are 10 Deluxe Tents situated about 400 meters away from the main camp.
Each of these tents is carefully placed for commanding views over the desert wilderness. They are very luxurious - more like mini-marquees with smart polished traditional camping-style teak furniture, rich jute rugs and lovely custom designed block-printed tent linings. Beds are large, can be arranged as single, double or twins, and have electric lamps on side tables that illuminate the tents effectively at night. Large windows have pull up flaps to allow light and fresh desert air through and permanent insect netting to keep out any unwelcome visitors.
The attached tiled bathrooms have running hot and cold water, flush toilets and proper wash basins. Providing warmth on cold desert nights is an electric blower in each tent.
Delicious Indian Meals are provided in the strategically located dining tent (the Central Durbar) which offers breathtaking views of the sunrise, sunset and the countryside that’s so beautiful, you’d probably imagine it to be a mirage!
Evenings are livened up by camp fire, mashaals (Indian camp fire torches), and local musicians and dancers. The experience of sitting on a cushion on the dunes by candlelight while mouth watering snacks are served to you is amazing. The hospitality, humility and the service of the staff….it all comes together to make you feel truly royal.
With stunning sunrises, mesmerising sunsets and dazzling night skies, life in this peaceful wilderness is spectacularly elemental and extraordinarily silent – quite like the paradox that is India.